About us

Twyning Recreation and Community Complex
A Registered Charity No 1078087. TRAC is a registered charity run by a group of volunteers living in the village who care about providing and maintaining facilities and activities for the whole of the village community.

Each year at the AGM, which is open for everyone to attend, an Executive Committee of trustees is elected to manage, develop and maintain the facilities in Kilmore Lane. They are responsible to the Charities Commission to provide annual financial reports together with details on development and fund raising.


TRAC and its property (the facilities in Kilmore Lane) shall be administered and managed by the Executive Committee in accordance with the Charities Commission requirements and TRAC’S Constitution. To be responsible for providing adequate insurance cover to protect the property, its trustees and the public from liabilities it might incur in carrying out its activities.


The objectives of TRAC are to promote benefits for the inhabitants of Twyning Village, Gloucestershire, without any form of distinction, by associating together with the inhabitants and local authorities, voluntary, in a common effort to provide facilities in the interest of Social Welfare for recreation and leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the Twyning Community.


The Executive Committee raises funds to support the complex through TRAC membership, its affiliated clubs, Tennis, Football and Netball as well as the Village Fete, Twyning Raffle and Twyning Barn Dance.  Funds are also sought on a much wider scale, from Gloucester County Council, Twyning Parish Council, Gloucester
Playing Fields Association, Community Play Area Organisation and the LTA to bring improvements and continued development of the facilities in Kilmore Lane.


We are always looking for people to help with TRAC activities either as member of the committee or a helper on the day of the fete. Please give this some thought as many hands make light work.

This is your village, your community and your facilities in Kilmore Lane.

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