Positions Vacant

At TRAC our objective is to provide the village with a facility that members of all ages and backgrounds can use for a variety of sports and recreation activities.  We already have an amazing facility that has a children’s play area (that remains to be one of the best in the area), a recently resurfaced MUGA court, a tennis court and a pavilion with showers, changing rooms and meeting area, coupled with a thriving tennis club with its own 2 tennis courts.  We have future plans to have children’s football and other sports being played on the recently created playing field, outdoor gym facilities and a bike track.  Obviously at the moment we are restricted as to what we can offer until the Covid pandemic has passed, but we still have to be ready for that day.

We are however, looking to bolster the Executive Committee and are therefore looking for volunteers to come and join in the following roles:

General Committee members

This role includes support to TRAC including taking on actions where necessary to ensure the TRAC facilities continue to be well maintained and to help with the projects to ensure further growth of the area. 

 Also includes helping with the annual fete and barn dance, which is hard but very rewarding work.


One of three Honorary Officers of the TRAC Executive Committee which involves keeping accurate aaounting records of TRAC, preparation of annual statement of the TRAC accounts, arranging the annual audit of the TRAC account and submitting the account statements to the Charity Commision and also arranges insurance. 

Why not come and join us to make difference and help us achieve the full potential of the facility.

Terms and Conditions apply to these roles as set out by the TRAC constitution available on www.tracsport.org

If you are able to join in one of the roles or are interested to know more, please contact either:

Lorna Herold – l.herold@btinternet.com

Mark Salisbury – mark.s.salisbury@sky.com

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