Play Area Update

Dear Friends

In order to comply with Health and Safety regulations we have completed a risk assessment of the play area today and we are delighted to say that our aim is to open on 15th July!

We have been led by guidance given to us by Gloucestershire Play Fields Association and our ultimate aim is to try to keep users of the play area safe and reduce the risk of increasing transmission of COVID-19

Ultimately anyone using the play area will be doing so at their own risk

We have tried to put in place certain measures to help you enjoy the play area safely and we would ask that you follow these guidelines:

·       We  are going to limit the use of the play area to 2 families at any one time, so if the play area is already being used please by others you may need to come back later (it may be good to warn your children!)

·       We have taped off the tunnel on the toddler play unit, as we have identified this as a severe hotspot area (we would appreciate your understanding in this decision)

·       We have also taped off the picnic area table to discourage groups of people congregating there

·       We would ask that where possible only one parent per family brings their child/ren to the park

·       Please wash your hands well before and after using the play area

·       We ask you to observe the two metre social distancing guidelines at all times

·       Rather than using the public bins we kindly request that you take all of your rubbish home with you

·       Please use the park in accordance with our guidance, so that everyone is able to enjoy the facility safely

If anyone in your family shows any signs or symptoms of Covid 19- PLEASE STAY AT HOME

What will we do to help you use the park safely?

·       We will provide a daily rota of people who will check the site and clean the hotspots such as the gates, handrails etc

·       The whole site is monitored by CCTV and we will be reviewing use of the play area regularly.

·       We will provide hand sanitiser for use on entering and leaving the park

·       If at any point we feel that by having the play area open we are putting our community at further risk of Covid 19, we will not hesitate to close the area

·       We will erect signage advising you of guidelines

·       We will review our RA on 30th July 2020

Ultimately anyone using the park does so at their own risk


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