COVID-19 and Twyning Play Area

Pre risk assessment notice

As the UK eases out of these strict lockdown conditions, the Government says playgrounds can reopen – giving children a much needed release of all that pent up energy.

The date we have been given as a guidance to reopen is Saturday 4th July however, before we were given this date, we had already organised for contractors to come onto the site on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July to carry out some extensive work. We have therefore taken the decision to not reopen until Wednesday 8th July (TBC)

This extra time will also ensure that we have adequate time to complete the compulsory risk assessment of the site and to ensure that appropriate measures are put into place to ensure that the site is ready to open as safely as possible next week.

We appreciate that some people will remain very wary about allowing their children to enjoy the play area and we would advise that those doing so adhere to government guidelines of maintaining 2m distancing and that you ensure that you and your children thoroughly wash their hands before, and after, coming to the park in order to minimise the COVID-19 transmission risk.

We know that some will be disappointed that we are not opening on Saturday but hopefully it will just be for a couple of days more!

More information to follow

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