Kilmore Field update

Dear Friends

In response to the article posted yesterday with regard the Kilmore Lane Update we would like to add our own response.

TRAC very much went into the long hard process of obtaining 106 money, with the view that we would be running the whole site and project and indeed we would very much like to continue to do so.

 It has been a busy few months for us with the renovations on the playground equipment over Easter, the landscaping on the top of Kilmore Field and plans to enhance these facilities further by:

  1. Marking out a running track 
  2. Providing a football pitch large enough for 11yrs and under
  3. Providing opportunities for Hockey & Rugby
  4. Eckington Football Club to use the area for 3 different age groups 
  5. Pete Healey to run a Tag Rugby Club after school for up to 16 children
  6. The school to start using the site when they return
  7. (Potentially) providing a bike track at the far end
  8. Installing steps to ease access to the site
  9. Installing seating for spectators

and more..

We feel sure that we are developing a recreational centre that the entire community will be proud of and more importantly make use of.

We made all these plans believing that the Parish Council would extend TRAC’s lease to incorporate the top field. Regrettably though this is on hold pending a decision by the Parish Council on whether to grant the Playgroup and a private Wrap-Around-Care venture the ability to locate to this site.

Despite rumours to the contrary, TRAC fully supports Playgroup and we have offered the Playgroup the site adjacent to the Pavilion and offered the hours of 8.30-4.30, 5 days a week (with a provision to potentially extend these hours after 12 months). This would enable TRAC the ability to maintain the site without breaching the terms of our original planning agreement (as outlined by Tewkesbury Borough Council Town and Country Planning Act 1990- Permission for development) and our constitution, which prohibits us from supporting private businesses, and to pursue our own plans.  It would also prevent disturbing residents of Towbury Court and Brockeridge Paddocks. The PC could also still generate the funds, that they have mentioned from the rent from Playgroup, which could be used for the benefit of other village organisations.

Unfortunately, our offers have been rejected by the Playgroup, as they feel without longer hours and the element of Wrap-Around-Care they cannot justify the relocation.  As such Playgroup and Wrap-Around-Care are exploring their options on the top of the Kilmore Field.  We feel that it would be wise to hold all plans until a decision has been made.

 And that is where the sticking point has come from……

Unfortunately, as a charity ourselves, TRAC do not feel that we should support one village business over another, as there are already childminders in the village offering Wrap Around Care provision.

We are, as stated in the PC update, also wanting to work together but we feel that despite all the hard work that TRAC have put into providing the fantastic facilities that we as a village should be proud of, our views are not being taken into account.

The update mentions that further funds have been obtained to provide changing room facilities for the football pitch.  TRAC already have changing room facilities within the Pavilion and our suggestion to the PC is to use the money allocated to extend the current facilities in the Pavilion, rather than build new facilities on Kilmore Field.

There are simple solutions to everything and TRAC and Playgroup could work harmoniously alongside each other for the benefit of the village at the same time as other organisations benefiting too.

All of these views, options, pros and cons have yet to be discussed by the full PC and until that point we are unable to move forward with our plans and will hold fire on further spending the 106 money previously allocated.

So please be patient with us and hopefully it won’t be long before the football is up and running and the village have a fantastic facility to be proud of.

If the decision is taken to proceed with Playgroup locating to Kilmore Field the area will continue to be run and managed by the PC.

TRAC for the time being will continue to manage the play area and courts alongside Tennis Club.

Any comments can be made through the TRAC website ( and may be added to our new FAQ page.

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